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  WE’RE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE’VE SECURED FOR YOU A FREE MEMBERSHIP IN CARP!   We’re always looking for ways to add value to your membership. That’s why we’re please to inform you that we’ve found a way for you to…
  • Be part of an organization fighting for the rights and needs of Canadians as we age
  • Save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year
  • Meet like-minded people in our community
…all absolutely FREE! We’ve arranged for you to receive a complimentary membership in CARP, Canada’s largest and most influential organization serving seniors. CARP has long been a powerful voice for policies and programs to better serve our age group. What’s more, CARP has assembled a portfolio of “members-only” discounts and added value offers – over 100 separate savings on everything from travel to leisure to everyday purchases. Find out more at We’re so convinced that membership will benefit you, that we’ve had CARP reserve a free one-year membership card for you already. All you have to do is click on the link below the card. You’ll be automatically taken to web page where you just have to enter your name, address and email, and your new CARP card will be activated and delivered to your email inbox shortly. We hope you’ll take advantage of this FREE offer – and start enjoying the benefits of CARP membership right away!  - C.W.R.A. Board of Directors Click here to activate your FREE membership now!