We have had a few requests from members asking if we could provide a ride to our events. These members have no means of transportation and would enjoy attending our planned events. So - we are asking members who regularly attend our events and seminars if they would be willing to provide a ride to those (living in their area) to the event. We would like to create a list of volunteer drivers from each area of the city so as not to travel too far away for pickup. If interested in helping, please contact Jack Robson at (204) 888-5260 or jackrobson@shaw.ca Jack will create the list of volunteers and their location and it will be placed in the office. Members needing a ride would be asked to call the office and be referred to a driver in their area. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation in "MEMBERS  HELPING MEMBERS"

200-219 Provencher Boulevard. Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G4 ph 233-2227 cwrabrd at gmail.com