DID YOU KNOW?   If you are a Veteran who sustained injury while serving in the military or whose income is not high, you may be eligible for benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada. Widows, widowers and orphans of qualified veterans may also be eligible.   Veterans Affairs Canada has informed me that the requirements for qualifying and the list of available benefits are too numerous to include here. Instead, Veterans should call their toll free number for additional information: 1-866-522-2122.   An 88 year old Veteran with whom I am familiar was not aware that he might qualify for additional benefits. At this time in his life, he requires some assistance in his daily living activities. A call was made to Veterans Affairs Canada, and an area counselor came to his residence and interviewed him. Lo and behold – he qualifies for the assistance listed below!   Payment of his prescription drugs, housekeeping services, window cleaning twice a year, medical devices that he requires (e.g. walker, chair that lifts to a standing position, and hearing aids) and numerous other items that make daily living easier.   If you are a Veteran, why not give VETERAN AFFAIRS CANADA a call? You don’t have anything to lose and perhaps something to gain.

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